A 4-Month Growth Program for Creative Entrepreneurs to Embed Purpose and Profit into Your Business Model so that You Become a Leading Brand of Tomorrow.
 Next intake March 2023


Built for Future-Thinking Founders

We believe that business is a powerful tool for change. With the right guidance anything is possible which is why we're putting people, planet, and the happiness of the founders we work with on equal footing with profit and projections. 


Call us the dreamers and believers, we're a movement of future-focused founders flipping the bird to ‘business as usual’ and creating a more sustainable paradigm of business. We're making monumental change, and we're ready for you.

A better way of business.

Honestly, we're glad you skipped business school. 


Because the current model of business is broken.  Somewhere between 'do more' and 'be more' and 'fail fast' and 'scale quickly' unsustainable business growth became the norm, and now it's time to change that.

A conscious business needs a conscious approach to growth. 

Profitable, sustainable, and purpose-driven. ⁠

Your business should light you up, fuel your creative expression, enrich your life with meaningful work and deep relationships, and make you a great coin at the same time. 

We're here to show you how.

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Kind Words ...

Tess Robinson
Founder of Smack Bang


"Pru helped me take Smack Bang and my own sense of self to the next level. Over the years, she has become an extension of business, pushing and stretching me to greater things, things beyond my wildest dreams. She has helped me fast-track my own independence, leadership and entrepreneurialism fastest that I ever thought possible"

Sarah Thornton
Founder of Finders Keepers


"Working with Pru and being a part of the Owners Collective has been an absolute game changer! We feel like Pru is our secret weapon and has helped us identify areas for growth, build strategy, deal with weaknesses and align with our purpose. All while empowering us to drive our business growth and be the best versions of ourselves"

Brands Pru has helped grow: