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Ready to make big dollars in your business but ‘money’ ain't your thing? 

We've got you. 

The truth is that most creative business owners don’t love the money side of things and struggle to make a consistent profit. They try and ignore the numbers, unsure if they'll make payroll at the end of the month. In fact, without a clear understanding of how to actually make a profit many creative business owners believe that ‘hustling harder’ is the only way to make more money.  
But there's a better way and we're here to show you how.

 Learn the simple secrets to unlock the profit potential in your business.

Let's start with the good news: It’s easier than you think. 

You don't need to be an accountant to run a profitable business, you just need to understand and apply a simple set of principals to make each and every job you do profitable. Inside this program, we’re taking out the overwhelm, and giving you the essential ‘know-how’ you need to make a profit, without any other faff. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

We're going to walk you through pricing, forecasting, paying yourself a proper wage, and how to have money in the bank when you need it most.

It's time to quit pinching pennies and start seeing the profit you deserve.


I’ve worked with thousands of creatives, and the thing I know for sure is that if you’ve got a great offering that your clients love then then together we can make it profitable. Once you apply the formulas that we teach you inside Profit on Purpose you can expect to have more certainty about your financial future, make better business decisions, and create a more consistent and sustainable future for your business, your team, and your bottom line.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, anxiety and confusion, and get ready to learn the practical profit tools that you can implement into your business today.


Imagine if you….

+ Confidently knew how to price yourself and your services so you never had to second guess your pricing again.

+ Could know when and where money is coming from in the future so that you could make smarter decisions about when to spend money in your business. 

+ Understood the 5 simple things to change to boost your profitability so that you could influence your profitability today. 

+ Could confidently turn a profit this month, and every month, and what that would mean for you, your business, and your family.

How it works…


Instant Access to All Program Content

We know that you're giddy with excitement to shape-shift your business into a more profitable position, so we don't want you waiting around.  As soon as you sign up you get access to ALL program content - ready to implement as soon as you are.

Step-by-Step Training Videos

When working with creatives we know just how important it is to teach is a style that is fun, real, and super practice so that exactly what you'll see inside the training video's.  No boring theory, just actionable advise to get you well on your way to profitability. 

Worksheets & Templates Ready to Go.

We're passionate about your success so any way that we can help you implement these learnings into your business we're down for.  You'll find downloadable templates inside ready to be implemented straight into your business. 


Let's be super clear: this program will teach you exactly how to...

  1. Implement our simple Pricing Formula so that you can confidently charge your worth and make a profit on each and every job you do.  
  2. Nail your Cashflow Projections so that you know when money is coming in so you can make smart decisions about your financial future. 
  3. Leverage the 5 Profit Levers in your business to take the guesswork out of where you're currently leaving money on the table.
  4.  Upgrade your Money Mindset by identify and changing your limiting money beliefs. 
  5. Position yourself profitably within your industry.
  6. Set up your Bank Accounts to streamline your money and prioritise profit in your business.
  7. Calculate your leads so that you're crystal clear on exactly how many potential clients you need to attract to hit your profit goal.


How we roll:

Inside the program you'll find a practical strategies to increase the profitability of your business.  Here's how we'll step you through that process:

Module One: 
Money Matters

Say hello to loving your numbers.

Understanding your numbers is true empowerment in your business. We’re going to walk you through the essential foundations you need to grow your numbers. We'll kick off with mindset (because it all starts there) and then set up your money team to help you grow. 

In this module you’ll learn:

  • The fundamental principles of abundance and how you can allow this to permeate all areas of business and life
  • A 3-step process to identifying the money beliefs that are holding you back from your profit potential and how to change them
  • How to hire THE RIGHT Money Team to make smart and confident decisions about your financial future
Module Two:
Profitable Pricing

Now it's time to make some money, real money.

We’re talking must-know numbers, financial forecasting, how to price yourself, profit leavers, and the key elements you missed at 'business school' holding you back from earning a truck-load of money.

In this module you’ll learn:

  • Our easy-to-implement Pricing Formula you need to know to price your services for profit - every time
  • The Bank Account setup that you need to streamline your money and make sure that you see profit at the end of the day
  • How and where to position yourself in the market at each stage of your business growth so that you charge your worth and win the jobs that are right for you
  • An understanding of profit margin and markups that will make or break your profitability
Module Three:
Profit Predictability

The key to sustainable profitability is predictability.

In this module, we're lifting the hood to show you the strategies you need to make your profit consistent and predictable month-on-month. Consider this the crystal ball into your future as you learn where to hone your energy to grow your numbers - fast.

In this module you’ll learn: 

  • Why Cashflow Forecasting is essential for your business, and how to do it in less than 10 minutes
  • The 5 key profit levers within your business that will radically change your bottom line 
  • Your Financial Scoreboard – The essential numbers that you need to know about your business to have your finger on the pulse at all times
& Downloads

We're making sure that you have everything you need to implement the learnings inside the program.  So in addition to the video trainings, you'll also be able to access a bunch of handy downloads that are ready to drop straight into your business to make it grow. 

Ready for you to download:

  • Workbooks for each lesson
  • Reading list of our favourite money Books 
  • Cashflow Forecasting templates
  • 'What to ask when interviewing your new Accountant' checklist
  • 'Questions to ask your current Accountant' checklist
  • Profit Levers Calculator


Most creatives make these costly mistakes when it comes to profit:

1.  Don't understand the numbers in their business and so they end up swapping time for money leaving them wondering why the bank account is always running on empty.

2.  Fail to implement a realistic and profit-driven plan, which results in them hustling month-to-month to pay the bills without ever generating any real profit.

3.  They put purpose before profit, which sounds nice but leads to an unsustainable business model that is destined to fail.

4.  Deal with money matters in private too shy to ask for help which leads to a spiral of uncertainty about what's coming in and going out. 

5.  Get dragged down in the day-to-day running of the business, and lose sight of the financial position and health of the business.

You could pay me the big bucks to come in and shape-shift your business….or…you could learn my simple profit boosters right here inside this program. 


Yep, I’ve put all the good stuff in here. The learnings, templates and formulas that I implement into every business that I work with to ensure that they make a consistent profit every single month.

But most importantly, we're going to do it in a way that is fun, easy to understand, and incredibly easy to implement. No matter what stage you're at in your business journey you need to have this information onboard. 

Together, we're going to build in pricing, projections, and predictability into your business profit. 


How the program is delivered:

We want you to get this knowledge onboard fast, so you get instant access to the entire program! 
Inside you'll find… 

9 Easy-to-Follow Training Videos

These super practical videos will walk you step-by-step through how to build a profitable and sustainable business. We’ve carefully crafted this sequence of training videos to give you a practical roadmap on the essential steps you need to make your business profitable.

Instant Access to All Content 

This ain't no boring business program, and we don't want you waiting around so you'll be able to access all content as soon as you sign up. This means that there's no delay in implementing the strategies that can radically shift the future for you and your business.

13 Templates & Worksheets

Access a swag of downloadable resources ready to implement straight into your business. These include reading lists, cashflow forecasting templates, calculators and more. 

12 Months Access to the Program

We're making all content available to you for a full 12 months so that you can revisit and implement the program material at the time that best suits you. This ongoing access includes access to all updates to the program content as it continues to grow and expand. 

Who is this program for? 

Smart Startups with Big Vision


If you've got big vision for yourself and your business right out of the gate, you want to get the right know-how onboard to slingshot your growth. Getting your pricing and projection right is critical for your success right now. 

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs 


Because, with your passion and killer knack for business, you’re here to make an impact and to do that your business has to make a healthy profit. If you're tired of just making ends meet, you're in exactly the right place. 

Business Owners with Bold Ambition


With the drive, motivation and ambition to match you're ready to make this business boom!  You've got what it takes, and just need to get the nitty-gritty knowledge onboard so that you can take full flight.

Your Investment

You're just one decision away from unlocking the profit potential of your business.

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Profit on Purpose


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Who's running this show?

 Pru Chapman, Founder & Head Hustler
Owners Collective

A client once told Pru that working with her is like hauling your ass through an intense Crossfit session followed by a double espresso and a lazy triathlon after that. She has helped more than 15,000 founders launch, leverage, and lead their businesses through her free & paid programs and her one-on-one work.

Along with being the Founder of Owners Collective, she also hosts the One Wild Ride podcast that is a consistent favourite in the Apple Podcast charts. Her entire operation is B Corp Certified, meaning that the business activities meet the highest environmental and social standard.

Pru is dedicated to using business as a force for good she uses her podcast to showcase forward-thinking founders from leading brands including Patagonia, Thankyou, Who Gives A Crap, Koala, TOM Organic, Xero, Sendle, Afends. 

Pru has been featured in:

Kind Words ...

Tess Robinson
Founder of Smack Bang


"Pru helped me take Smack Bang and my own sense of self to the next level. Over the years, she has become an extension of business, pushing and stretching me to greater things, things beyond my wildest dreams. She has helped me fast-track my own independence, leadership and entrepreneurialism fastest that I ever thought possible"

Sarah Thornton
Founder of Finders Keepers


"Working with Pru and being a part of the Owners Collective has been an absolute game changer! We feel like Pru is our secret weapon and has helped us identify areas for growth, build strategy, deal with weaknesses and align with our purpose. All while empowering us to drive our business growth and be the best versions of ourselves"

Brands Pru has helped grow:

Your Investment

You're just one decision away from unlocking the profit potential of your business.

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*Note: gst only charged for Australian businesses.

Profit on Purpose


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